In the course of time, the original Analogy LP has increasingly become a collectors’ item, rating it nowadays at 1500 Euros in prime condition. In Hans Pokora’s “2001 record collectors dream” (Vienna 2000), the LP has the highest rating of six units, representing a minimum value of 1000 Euros.

As a result of all this, who could blame anyone for publishing it again. On Aldo Pagani’s initiative, the Milan label Vinyl Magic published the record on CD (VM 017) in the summer of 1990. The CD was taken from the master tapes without the members of the band knowing about it. When, in 1992, Martin Thurn found out by co-incidence that there was a CD on the market, the members decided to do without a long-term legal battle, as the contractual situation at the time had been quite dubious. However, they made sure that from then on, all rights were to belong to the artists.

In the cover-fold of said CD, there is a picture that the band had never seen before. In 1997, a German record company released an LP (vinyl) with a circulation of 1,000 copies (Ohrwaschl VINYL 001), to which the band had given their approval. This LP included a poster with the “unknown” photo featured in Vinyl Magic’s production. In a very short time, this new LP was sold out, but a new edition would have been too costly to produce as the printers had filed for bankruptcy, and all the music and photo masters had been lost.

Three years later, trouble was on the horizon, when the Italian Akarma label of La Spezia also published Analogy as a “digipack” CD together with an LP including a new release of the Yoice single. For the first time, an Analogy LP was available in a flap-top cover, with the Vinyl Magic CD photo on the left and a short Analogy history on the right in Italian and English. The “rights” to this publication were illegitimately obtained from Antonio Cagnola’s brother, nowadays head of Microwatt, who was and still is in possession of the negatives of the photos. Since Mauro Rattaggi had been part of the original photo session, a computer made sure that he was replaced by a piece of meadow, no problem with today’s technology. The original blue strip of the 1972 LP printed on the cover was replaced by a blue, sliding “ribbon” (similar to Japan LPs).

In view of the problems involved with lawsuits in Italy, the band decided not to start legal action, a good decision, as Akarma was prepared to settle the financial matter amicably.

In 2001, the German label Garden-of-Delights  (GOD CD059) published the first really legitimate CD of the first Analogy album on the market, again a master-tape version with a 36-page colour booklet. On top of that, a so-far unpublished bonus track has been added to this CD, recorded the morning after a “heavy” party, at a time when the band was in the process of dissolving.

Even “The Suite”, recorded in 1980, was published in Germany in 1993 on CD (Ohrwaschl OW 19). To be able to promote this album better, “Analogy, performed by Earthbound” was mentioned on the cover. Akarma, again, took advantage of the situation by publishing their own version in the year 2000: a 25cm LP/10’’-LP (AK 2011), with a newly designed cover. Their CD version also “processed” The Suite” as an appendix to “Analogy – The Same”.

To round things up, Jutta Nienhaus, Martin Thurn, Mauro Rattaggi and friends (Dave Storey, Graziano Mezzanotte and Pino Marella) recorded old, unpublished Analogy tracks together with updated versions of “God’s own land” and “Sold out” in Mauro’s recording studio in Laveno (Italy) between 1994 and 1995. This effort, including the original version of the two Yoice tracks, was published in Germany in 1996 as a CD under the title of “25 Years Later” by Ohrwaschl (Ohrwaschl OWR 07). The original Yoice version of “God’s own land” and “Sold out” is also available on the CD “Psychedelic Gems 4” (D 1999: Psychedelic Gems PGCD 04), a collection of singles published by German bands of the late 1960s and 1970s.



Sold Out / God’s Own Land
(Produzioni Ventotto PRV 28009 - ITA)
7” (45 rpm)

Sold Out / III CLASSE - It brings a tear
(Produzioni Ventotto PRV 28008 - ITA)
7” (45 rpm - promo)

God’s own land / IHRE KINDER - The Dice
(VDHO VDH 502 - ITA)
7” (45 rpm - jukebox - as ETERNITY)


(Produzioni Ventotto PRV/LP 2204 - ITA)
LP (33 rpm)

LP - Ohrwaschl (VINYL 01 - GER 1997 - with poster)
LP - Akarma (AK093 - ITA 2000 - with reissue of 7” single by Yoice)
LP - AMS (AMS LP24 - ITA 2010 - first 300 copies with  poster)
CD - Vinyl Magic (VM017 - ITA 1990)
CD - Akarma (AK093 - ITA 2000 - with bonus tracks by Yoice and Analogy/The Suite)
CD - Garden of Delights (CD 059 - GER 2001 - with 1 unreleased bonus track)
CD - AMS (AMS 232CD - ITA 2015 - mini-LP cover)


The robot / Liberated lady
(Archway S 79/CUS308-AR 27945 - UK)
7” (45 rpm)

Liberated lady / Song for South Kensington /
The robot
(Archway AR 17945-CUS 269 - UK)
12” (45 rpm - with insert)


Yours faithfully
(Record partners 7564 - GER)
MC (+ test pressing LP)



The Suite
(Ohrwaschl OW19 - GER)


10” LP - Akarma (AK2011 - ITA 2000)

CD - Ohrwaschl (OW 19 - GER 2015 - digipack cover)


25 Years Later
(Ohrwaschl OWR 07 - GER)


The complete works
(AMS/Vololibero AMS 154CD - ITA)
3 CD box



The video collection
(AMS/Vololibero AMS 11DVD - ITA)


(AMS AMS 226CD - ITA) - CD